2022 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy, Environment and Chemical Engineering (AEECE 2022)
Keynote Speakers
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Prof.Lei Guo

Tongren University, China 

Research Area:

Electrochemistry, Corrosion inhibiton, 

Metal-air battery, Molecular simulation

Professor Lei Guo received his PhD in Chemical Engineering and Technology from Chongqing University, China in 2015. He is currently working as a full Professor at the Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering, Tongren University, China. He has conducted a series of studies in various areas such as electrochemistry, organic chemistry, corrosion science, as well as theoretical simulations. He has authored over 150 papers published in international journals (total citation of more than 2500 with H-index of 29 and i10 index of 54), 10 book chapters and 100 patents. He is also a member of the editorial board of 7 international journals. Within his research projects he has directed several theses and has been a thesis evaluator. 


Prof. Wenjie Liao 

Sichuan University, China 

Research Area:

Coupled human-environment systems, Industrial ecology, 

Life cycle assessment, Energy and environmental policy analysis

Wenjie Liao received his doctorate in Environmental Science from Leiden University (Leiden, the Netherlands), after completion of a MSc and BSc in Environmental Engineering from Sichuan University (Chengdu, China). Prior to starting as associate professor at the Institute of New Energy and Low-Carbon Technology of Sichuan University, he worked as Marie-Curie Fellow with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (Rennes, France) amongst others. His current research interests include: 1) life-cycle sustainability assessment of emerging energy and environmental technologies; 2) analysis of environmental and energy policies about the green and low-carbon development strategy in China; and 3) knowledge synergy between industrial ecology, earth system science, agro-ecology, etc. to understand interactions between human systems and the environment.