2022 8th International Conference on Advances in Energy, Environment and Chemical Engineering (AEECE 2022)
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Oral Speeches 1

Pengyu Zhang, Chang’an University, China

Title: Stability analysis of landslide under rainfall infiltration

Oral Speeches 2

Xiuwu Zhou, Chang’an University, China

Title: Risk Assessment of Geological Hazards in Southern Shaanxi Based on Machine Learning

Oral Speeches 3

Peng Zhong, Chang’an University, China

Title: Research on Felicity ratio change law and prewarning index in sandstone grading cycle loading and unloading process

Oral Speeches 4

Shuaishuai Yue, Chang’an University, China

Title: Surface subsidence monitoring and prediction in mining area based on SBAS-InSAR and SVR-ARIMA combination model

Oral Speeches 5

Yikai Wang, Chang’an University,China

Title: Optimization of Treatment Scheme for High Slope of Highway Soft Rock Based on MIDAS

Oral Speeches 6

Weipeng Ju, University of Jinan, China

Title: Control of membrane fouling in MBR by physicochemical method and its application prospect