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Welcome Prof. Xuegong Bi from Wuhan University of Science and Technology to be to be Committee Member!


Prof. Xuegong Bi from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

Research Area:

Iron ore agglomeration, Carbon-iron composite, Ironmaking, Steelmaking, Artificial Intelligent for Metallurgy

Research experience:

Prof. Xuegong Bi have conducted 65 research projects initiated by the government as well as the industry, published more than 250 scientific papers and 3 monographs. I have applied and obtained 6 patents for invention and 1 registration for computer software copyright and will soon apply 18 registrations for computer software copyright. I have obtained 7 awards from the national and provincial governments as well as society for the steel industry and the coal/coke industry, some of them are listed as follows:
1- Mathematical Models and Computer Control of the Blast Furnace Process, Award of Science and Technology Advances, the Ministry of Metallurgy, 3rd Level
2- Investigation and Application of Blending and Bedding Rules of Iron Ores and Technological Optimization in WISCO Industrial Port, Hubei Province, 2nd Level
3- Development and Application of Console-Type Blast Furnace Expert System, Award of Science and Technology, Chinese Iron and Steel Association and Chinese Society for Metals, 1st Level
4- Development and Application of Comprehensive Techniques for High efficient Production of Large Blast Furnaces, National Award of Technical Progress, the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2nd Level
5- Investigation and Application of Injection Techniques for Huangning Slightly Coking Coals, Chinese Coal Industry Association, 2nd Level