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Welcome Pro.Mohammad Dalour Hossen Beg from Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia to be conference chair!


Pro.Mohammad Dalour Hossen Beg, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia 

Research Area:

Polymer, Composites, Biomaterials, Nanocellulose and nanomaterials

Research experience:

Pro.Mohammad Dalour Hossen Beg major research area is Polymer and Composites. Different natural fibres such as oil palm fibre, kenaf fibre, coir fibre, bamboo fibre, bagasse fibre has been used to reinforce thermoset (polyester) and thermoplastic (PP, PLA, PA) matrices. Both biodegradable and/ or recyclable composites has been produced and characterized and different application has been identified. Likewise, his other research area is the production and characterization of nanoparticles, and production of nanocomposites. Nanoparticle has been produced from iron, copper to incorporate directly onto fibres and into polymer matrices to improve the mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. One of his current projects is the production of nanocellulose from natural fibre and incorporation of nanocellulose into polymer matrix for different application such as for hydrogel, reinforcing plastics etc. Beside biodegradable plastic he has developed additives to accelerate the degradation rate of synthetic plastics (e.g. polyethylene). He is also working on synthesis of bioresin from palm oil and incorporation of nanoparticle into the resin by in-situ reaction, with a subsequent formulation of heat resistant paint from the resin with self-healing properties. Beside plastics and composites, He is also working on biomaterials such nano fibre from chitosan and PLA for controlled release drug delivery and the production of hydroxyapatite from waste materials for bone tissue engineering. He has published more than 100 Journal papers and more than 75 conference papers, 11 patents. Currently the citation is over 2000 with h-index 23.