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Welcome An Mao from Shandong Agricultural University to be committee member!


A. prof. An Mao from Shandong Agricultural University, China
Research Area:

Bio-energy and bio-materials, polyurethane materials

Research Experience:
Dr. An Mao got his bachelor’s degree in Department of Wood Science and Engineering in Beijing Forestry University in 2005. He got his master and doctoral degrees in Department of Forest Products in Mississippi State University in 2009 and 2013, respectively. Currently, he is working in Department of Forestry, Shandong Agricultural University. His research areas are development of new adhesives and composite bio-materials, converting and utilization of bio-energy, and recycling of polyurethane materials. His research projects include Natural Science Fund of Shandong Province, National Natural Science Fund, Research Special of Public Welfare Industry, Project of Science and Technology of Higher Education of Shandong Provincial Education Department, and Precision Poverty Alleviation Project. He published more than 30 research papers including 12 SCI-indexed papers, applied 5 patents, and co-authored two books: “Bio-based Wood Adhesives: Preparation, Characterization, and Testing” and “Wood Science and Engineering Lab Book”. Besides teaching and research, Dr. An Mao also served in Forest Products Society, Society of Wood Science and Technology, China Forest Products Industry Association Adhesives and Coatings Special Committee, Youth Work Committee of China Forestry Society, and The European Union of Shandong Agricultural University. He was also “Adhesives Technology” section chair in the 72th International Annual Meeting of the American Forestry Products Society.