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Welcome Prof.Yonggang Wei from Kunming University of Science and Technology to be committee member! Prof.Yonggang Wei from Kunmi


Prof.Yonggang Wei from Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
Research Area:
New materials for energy catalysis, New technology for low-carbon metallurgy, Comprehensive utilization of secondary resources
Research Experience:

Yonggang Wei`s current research interests include hydrogen and syngas production from two-step steam reforming of methane, application of bio-oil in metallurgical fields, and resource utilization of metallurgical slag. Professor Wei is currently leading a several projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of Chinese Government. In addition, he serves as an international journal reviewer, such as Applied Energy, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, Renewable Energy, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, Separation Science and Technology, and so on.